SabrinaHi – My name is Sabrina, and I have been running Fun Time French for 15 years and teaching for longer…

I’m a native French speaker and am very enthusiastic about teaching people to become bilingual, which research proves, starting at a young age is the best!



Chris PhotoHi – My name is Chris, although some of the children call me Crisp!

Being half French, I love speaking the language and really enjoy teaching 3 and 4 year olds at various Nurseries in East Sussex.

I like the children’s enthusiasm and to watch them getting involved in the songs, games and stories is very rewarding.

I feel privileged to teach children a language which I hope will stay with them throughout their lives.


photoHi – My name is Beatrice, and most of the time, the children call me French!  I am a French native speaker and an experienced language teacher.

Through the years, I have taught both adults and children. And I love it!
I believe the learning experience should be fun but productive and adapted to the age groups. I tutor children in a friendly and positive manner. Interacting in French, the children are led through different fun activities as songs, rhymes, dances, sensorial activities, puppets, stories, role play…

My lessons have a structured routine which answer needs and interests to this age groups.
I got passionate to teach my language to the young age as their spontaneity and curiosity has no limit. They never stop to surprise me. I think it is so important that they are encouraged by parents and school to start learning from their young age.


IMAG0881Hi – My name is Cristina and I am a Spanish native Speaker and experienced teacher.

I really enjoy teaching Spanish to children because it is fun and enjoyable seeing how quickly they learn. At that age, children put a lot of energy into learning through games and songs and we really have a great time!



miche smallHi, my name is Miche and I have been working for Fun Time French for nearly 10 years and never cease to be amazed at just how much such young children can absorb!

It is thrilling to see their enthusiasm and watch shy children grow in confidence as they interact with puppets, listen to stories, play games, act out finger mimes and sing catchy songs.

Fun Time French is just what it says – FUN and I greatly enjoy knowing that if the classes are enjoyable, one might just be encouraging a life long love of this beautiful language!



Hi, My name is Christine and I am a French national but I have been living in the UK for over 30 years.

I feel it is very important for children to learn another language and believe that language skills are best learnt early.

As a native speaker, I can not only teach the language but also the accent. I am very passionate about my job, and have a very close bond with all the children. They are little sponges and have so much fun learning!


Screenshot 2019-06-11 at 15.02.51
Bonjour. My name is Christèle. I am a French native with 11 years of experience in teaching French in primary school.

I also love teaching French to younger children. We learn through games and songs and we have a lot of fun together. It is challenging but extremely rewarding.

Children really enjoy trying new activities and are not worried of getting it wrong. As my latest Ofsted inspection (April 2019) state : “pupils enjoy the stimulating curriculum, especially lessons taken by specialist teachers, for example in French”


IMG_1285Salut! My name is Sarah and I am often called the ‘Bonjour lady’ by the younger children!

I have been teaching French to 3 to 11 year olds for the last fifteen years. In my experience, the younger children start learning the better. They are already busy acquiring their own language and they can adapt to learning another one with amazing ease. They do not have the inhibitions of older learners and throw themselves wholeheartedly into all the activities.

I teach through games, stories, rhymes and songs, using puppets, mime and lots of fun to engage the children. The puppets are particularly popular and help to engage even the shyest of children.