Fun Time French was born, from founder, Sabrina Bigot’s (pronounced the French way: “Bee-go”!) combination of interests.

From a very early age, Sabrina’s two major interests were: languages and working with children.

So following a natural path, Sabrina began her teaching career in France, doing various jobs such as group leader in local holiday clubs, in France and abroad, teaching private tuition, and working in local schools in after-school clubs to help the children with their studies….

In 2000, while studying English at university to become an English teacher, Sabrina spent a year in England as a foreign language assistant, assisting teachers in organising and preparing classroom lessons as well as aiding students with their work.

This experience changed her outlook on teaching and after a few years, it then became obvious to her that she should move to England permanently to teach her mother tongue to English students.

Fun Time French was then born and developed a unique approach to learning, with Sabrina’s knowledge of songs, activities, games, stories and nursery rhymes that came straight from her childhood and her experience teaching in France.