31 Mar

Activity of the day – Tuesday 31st March

Bonjour everyone,

Here is today’s activity/challenge! Gather a few family members around you and gather a few colourful toys you know the colours of in French. Hold them up and tell your audience the name of that colour in French. If you say the right word, they have to clap for you. If you get it wrong (on purpose of course) and they wrongly clap, you win.

This is a good game to play competitively and encourages intense listening.

Have fun and feel free to send me photos/videos of you playing the game. I want to see you too!

Au revoir, Sabrina

PS: If you need any help with the French colours, remember to watch this video:

30 Mar


This week we have added several new videos! TWO new stories: HELLO, GOODBYE! and A MUSHROOM STORY.

hellogoodbye button

Learn PARTS OF THE BODY in the teaching section.


And the words alongside BUILD MR POTATO HEAD and HEAD, SHOULDERS, KNEES AND TOES in the Songs And Games section.

head but

And they all have new DOWNLOAD RESOURCES for you to conduct the activities at home!

Enjoy, and remember to check out the website next week for more videos!

Remember this is all FREE! If you do enjoy the resources please spread the word. And if you love them, then consider a donation, no matter how small, as we are unable to work with schools and nurseries closed down.

Thank you!

27 Mar

Activity of the day – Friday 27th March

Bonjour everyone,

Here is your daily activity/challenge! Pick up something small like a soft toy/ball and bounce it up and down, practicing numbers one to ten in French. If it is too easy, try doing it standing on one leg!!

If you need any help with your French numbers, remember to watch this video:

learn numbers

Good luck and feel free to send videos my way, I want to see you too!!

Au revoir!


24 Mar


Being stuck at home is not fun, so Fun Time French has developed a series of fun videos with lessons, songs and activities – complete with worksheets and games to download and print, providing supporting educational activities…

There are several sections – you can click on the menu above – or the button below!

TEACHING – This will have entertaining videos on a variety of themes – each theme will also have downloadable activities and guides to print, colour-in and help practice!

STORY TIME – Listen and join in with a fun story that ties in with the teaching activities.

DOWNLOADS – Here you will be able to download activities and worksheets to print, cut out, colour-in and practice!

…And all for FREE!  Keep checking back as it will be updated!

And if you enjoy these, remember with the nurseries and schools currently closed, none of us are getting paid, so any donations will be most welcome!

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